How to use it!

Making a clamp is very easy with the Clampmaker®️!

Form a loop of wire large enough to surround what you wish to clamp.
Wrap the wire loop around what you wish to clamp as many times as you see fit. Make sure each wrap passes through the original loop. In this example, we’ve wrapped it once.
For additional strength, pass the ends through the loops additional times.
Place the fork of the Clampmaker®️ into the loop and wrap the ends around the rollpin.
Tighten the wingnut to draw the wire as tight as you wish. Pay careful attention here because this process can generate a tremendous amount of force. Enough to cut into wood or plastic, and possibly enough to crush what you are clamping.
When the clamp is tight enough, fold the Clampmaker®️ over to secure the ends.
Release the ends from the rollpin and cut the excess wire off.
Use your wire cutters to press the ends down so they won’t catch on anything.

Removing a clamp is even easier!

Using whatever is handy – a coin, screwdriver, washer – bend the two ends out to allow the loop to slip free.
Once the loop slips free, the clamp will easily come undone so it can be removed.